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topic: Talking to passengers (Questions and answers) 1

Practice English with us! This exercise is designed for flight attendants and airplane cabin crew. It will help you develop stronger communication skills in English. A passenger wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:
LEVEL: Medium

1. Why is the flight being delayed?
  We're waiting for clearance. We'll be taking off shortly.
  We will be passing out headphones shortly.
  Would you like some peanuts?

2. Am I going to miss my connecting flight?
  You have to transfer to terminal 3.
  What time is your flight?
  We will be arriving in 20 minutes.

3. Can I get a Coke?
  Of course with ice?
  I'll add ice?
  Of course, would you like ice with that?

4. My headphones are not working!
  Let me get you another pair.
  We'll be coming around soon with drinks.
  Let me get you another pear.

5. How much do I owe you?
  Please fill out this form.
  The drinks are free-of-charge.

6. Can I use the lavatories in first-class?
  We have four lavatories.
  I'm sorry but those lavatories are for first-class passengers only.
  Would you like an extra blanket?

7. Would it be possible to change/switch seats?
  It may be possible, but we'll have to wait until the plane takes off and the captain turns off the seatbelt sign.
  Yes, this is your assigned seat.
  Please make sure you stow your belongings in the overhead compartment.

8. How long before we land?
  We will be coming around with a snack soon.
  We will be landing in about 20 minutes.
  Yes, it's a very long flight, isn't it?

9. I just want to stretch my legs.
  Would you like something to drink?
  You'll be able to do that as soon as the captain turns off the seatbelt sign. For now, please remain seated.
  Would you like a blanket?

10. I requested a vegetarian/kosher meal.
  Alright - Chicken or fish?
  No, the choice is chicken or fish.
  Alright - Let me go check if it's there.


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These days it's easier than ever to request a special meal. Whether you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or require a kosher or halal meal, chances are the major airlines will provide you with the proper meal. The good thing about getting a special meal is that you get served first :)

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