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ENGLISH FOR RESTAURANT WORKERS (waiters, waitresses, servers)
topic: Talking with customers: Questions and answers 2

Practice English with us! This exercise is for restaurant service staff. It will help you to communicate better in English. A customer wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:
LEVEL: Medium

1. Our compliments to the chef.
  Thank you. I'll let him/her know you enjoyed your meal.
  Do you know the chef?
  The chef says hello.

2. Can we sit at that table by the window?
  The patio is closed.
  I'm sorry. That table is reserved.
  Where would you like to sit?

3. (Pointing to another table) What are they having?
  They are eating.
  They have already begun eating.
  That's the "Pasta Primavera."

4. Can I get a new fork? Mine fell on the floor...
  Certainly. I'll be right back.
  I'm sorry, all of our forks have been used before.
  Is there a problem with your meal?

5. I'm allergic to seafood.
  In that case I recommend the lobster.
  Who is allergic to seafood?
  In that case I recommend the chicken.

6. This isn't what I ordered!
  Bon appetit!
  I'm sorry there must have been a mix-up.
  Our specialty is Blackened Catfish.

7. This card might be maxed out. Let me know if there's a problem.
  OK. If your credit card doesn't go through I'll let you know.
  Will you be paying cash?
  The bill comes to $125.

8. Can we get a box for this?
  Would you like the bill?
  Yes. I'll pack it up for you.
  A box of what?

9. Do you have Perrier or some other kind of sparkling water?
  Unfortunately tap water is unsafe to drink in city.
  I'm sorry but we only have non-carbonated (still) water.
  Is Coke OK?

10. What kind of beer do you have?
  We have beer.
  Would you like to see our wine list?
  We have Corona and Kronenbourg in bottles, and Newcastle Brown Ale on tap.


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