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ENGLISH FOR RESTAURANT WORKERS (waiters, waitresses, servers)
topic: Talking with customers: Questions and answers 3

Practice English with us! This exercise is for restaurant service staff. It will help you to communicate better in English. A customer wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:
LEVEL: Medium/Hard

1. You spilled soup on my lap!
  Be careful! The soup is hot.
  I'm so sorry! I'll get a towel.
  I'll get you the bill.

2. How big are the portions?
  Each meal comes with either soup or salad.
  Generally, our portions are very big.

3. Is this dish very spicy? I can only eat mild food.
  Yes, it's very good. Would you like to order it?
  It's spicy, but we can make a mild version for you if you like.
  Yes, we can make it very spicy.

4. Excuse me, we ordered a while ago and our food hasn't arrived yet.
  It's coming right out. Sorry for the delay.
  Sorry for the delay. Would you like to order?
  Would you like to see the menu?

5. Here's my card. You accept Visa, right?
  I'm sorry, our machine is broken. You'll have to pay cash. ( = we can only accept cash)
  We accept cash and credit cards.
  Would you like to pay by credit card?

6. Three breakfast specials, please.
  What kind of egg-scrambling do you prefer?
  What style of egg preparation would you like?
  How would you like your eggs?

7. Is this entree big enough to share?
  Yes. It's big enough for two people.
  Yes, would you like two?
  Would you like an extra plate?

8. Can we get a table that's not next to the kitchen?
  How about that one by the window?
  How about that one by the kitchen?
  Is there something wrong with your meal?

9. Do you deliver?
  We're open between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  Yes, between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
  Would you like to see our take-out menu?

10. Thank you for the wonderful service!
  Would you like me to bring you the bill?
  Yes, it is.
  My pleasure. Come back again.


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