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topic: General vocabulary practice for travel agents 1

Fill in each blank with the correct word. If both words can be used, choose the one that sounds more natural in each situation:

1. There are no seats available for the date that you (requested/recalled).

2. How (flexible/changeable) are you? ( = How much are you willing/able to change your schedule?

3. Would you be (interesting/interested) in renting a car while you're there?

4. We've got some great (deals/dealings) on airplane tickets to Dubai right now.

5. That flight is (full/complete). Let's try to find you a seat on another flight.

6. The (layover/takeover) ( = time you have to wait for your connecting flight) in Paris is two hours.

7. We can (arrange/make) ( = organize) your entire trip.

8. Will you be traveling (alone/lonely)?

9. I booked you a flight on October 1st, (returning/coming) on October 15th.

10. You also qualify for a 10% senior (discount/deal). ( = 10% reduction in price for older people)

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It's easier than ever these days to go online and book a ticket. A good travel agent, however is still very valuable. The trick is to make yourself seem valuable to your clients by either showing that you're a) knowledgeable about different travel destinations b) able to find them the best suitable option at the best rate, and c) able to organize their whole trip from start to finish. Even with the internet, many people need professional guidance to make sure that their dream vacation turns out "dreamy", and that their romantic getaway is romantic :)

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