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topic: Talking with guests: General reception 2

Practice English with us! This exercise is for hotel concierges, bellhops, reception desk workers, managers, etc. It will help you have better conversations in English. A guest wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:
LEVEL: Easy/Medium

1. Can you get someone to clean my room?
  Yes, I'll get someone to do that right away.
  Yes, it was cleaned this morning.
  Yes, all of our rooms are always clean.

2. Why was my credit card declined?
  You can pay cash.
  I don't know. You'll have to contact your bank to get that information.
  No, we don't have free parking.

3. Where is breakfast served?
  Breakfast is included.
  We offer a breakfast buffet.
  In the hotel restaurant.

4. Could you please confirm my reservation via (by) email?
  Yes, I'll send you a confirmation email right away.
  I'll give you our email address.
  Please send us a confirmation right away.

5. We need some clean towels.
  There is a shower in every room.
  The cleaning staff will pick up the dirty towels when they clean the room.
  I'll ask the cleaning staff to bring you some.

6. How much are the small bottles of brandy in the mini-bar?
  I'll get more sent up right away.
  They are $10 each.
  There are 10 small bottles in each mini-bar.

7. I need to wake up at 7:00 AM.
  I'll make sure you get a wake-up call at that time.
  It's 8:30 PM
  Would you like me to call you a taxi?

8. Do you accept Mastercard?
  You can pay with your bank card as well.
  Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
  You can pay with a credit card.

9. How much is your cheapest double room?
  For one person?
  Right now our cheapest one is $200 per night.
  Our double rooms are usually booked well in advance.

10. I reserved a room for Friday. I'd like to change that to Saturday.
  OK, you will be leaving on Saturday?
  I see that you've already made a reservation.
  OK, let me check your reservation.



The most expensive cities in the United States and Canada (average hotel room rates): 1) New York - $285 per night; 2) Boston - $185 per night; 3) Chicago - $180 per night; 4) Miami - $165 per night; Washington - $160 per night.

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