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topic: Talking with guests: General reception 3

Practice English with us! This exercise is for hotel concierges, bellhops, reception desk workers, managers, etc. It will help you have better conversations in English. A guest wants some information from you. Choose the most natural-sounding response:
LEVEL: Medium/Hard

1. I'd like to file a complaint with the manager.
  There's a conference in the hotel this weekend.
  He's not around right now, but I'll have him call you as soon as possible.
  The manager likes to complain, but he's a good person.

2. Hi, I have a reservation. My name is McAlister.
  I don't know how to spell that.
  OK. How do you spell your last name?

3. How do I get to your hotel from the airport?
  Our shuttle bus runs until 11:00 PM
  We have a shuttle bus that runs to and from the airport.
  Public transportation is not very convenient here.

4. How far is your hotel from the train station?
  We're about 2 kilometers away.
  You can come by taxi.
  The fact that we're located close to the train station makes us a very convenient choice.

5. I think the taxi driver cheated me!
  You have to make sure that the taxi driver uses the meter.
  The best way to get to the airport is by taxi.
  Sometimes you have to wait a long time for a taxi to come.

6. Is it safe to walk alone around here?
  Yes, we care about your safety.
  Safety first!
  Yes, this is a very safe neighborhood.

7. Where is the conference room?
  It's on the second floor.
  There is a conference this weekend.
  Would you like a room?

8. How do I get to the conference room?
  Take the elevator up to the second floor and turn right. You'll see the door marked "Conference Room."
  Take the elevator up to the second floor and turn right. You'll see the door named "Conference Room."
  Your room is on the third floor. You can take the elevator or the stairs.

9. Hmm... that's a little out of my price range.
  Will you be paying by cash or credit card?
  OK. Let's see if we can find you something more affordable.
  OK. When will you be leaving?

10. Why do I have to leave my passport?
  You have leave your passport at the reception desk.
  Give me your passport, please.
  It's hotel policy. All guests have to leave their passports at the reception desk for the duration of their stay.



The most expensive cities in Europe (hotel rates): 1) Moscow (Russia) - €245 per night; 2) Venice (Italy) - €160 per night; 3) London (England) - €145 per night; 4) Geneva (Switzerland) - €140 per night; Rome (Italy) - €135 per night.

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