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topic: The right way to talk to customers/clients in English 3

Part of providing good customer service is knowing the right way to communicate. English has its own "accepted" ways of talking to customers/clients/guests. If you don't use these, or if you use them incorrectly, you might come across ( = be seen) as rude or unprofessional. In the exercise below, pretend that someone is asking you the question in italics. Choose the best, most polite response:

1. Can we get the bill, please?
  Please ask someone else, sir. I'm a little busy.
  Sure, I'll tell your server ( = waiter/waitress) to bring it.
  I'm not your server.

2. (Handing you money) Here you go.
  Don't pay me. Pay at the cash register.
  Why are you paying me? Please pay at the cash register.
  Please pay at the cash register.

3. Can I order from you?
  That's why I'm here.
  Yes, what would you like?
  Yes, you must order from me.

4. Hey, get me another gin and tonic!
  I'm sorry, but I can't serve you any more alcohol.
  You're drunk. Go home.
  No, no more alcohol, OK?

5. (Customer yelling/screaming)
  Sir, please keep your voice down.
  Please don't scream so much.
  No screaming, sir!

6. This beer tastes stale.
  That's impossible. It's from a fresh keg.
  It's your imagination. I just changed the keg.
  That's strange. It's from a fresh keg. Here, let me see it.

7. Can you substitute the bacon with some cheese?
  I'm sorry, but substitutions are not allowed.
  No substitutions.
  I cannot give you cheese instead of bacon.

8. Thank you for the excellent service!
  My pleasure.
  Thank you, I know.
  Whatever you say.

9. Can you pack this (food) up for us?
  Fine. Wait.
  Sure. I'll be right back.
  Wait for me. I'll pack it for you.

10. You didn't charge me for the Coke?
  No, I didn't. Would you like me to?
  Well it's not like I forgot. I did it on purpose.
  No, I didn't.


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tips and tricks about customer service - for esl students

English is the unofficial language of the hospitality industry. The world is getting smaller. More and more people are traveling, and many of these people use English while abroad. English has become the unofficial language of the hospitality industry. When a Korean businessman goes to Italy, he will probably order his restaurant meal in English. When a French student goes to Denmark, she will most likely speak English to get some tourist information. Doing these exercises will help you to communicate with the increasing number of foreign travelers.

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