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topic: The proper way to talk to travelers/passengers in English 1

Part of providing good customer service is knowing the right way to communicate. English has its own "accepted" ways of talking to customers/clients/guests. If you don't use these, or if you use them incorrectly, you might come across ( = be seen) as rude or unprofessional. In the exercise below, pretend that someone is asking you the question in italics. Choose the best, most polite response:

1. Is this sight worth checking out?
  Of course! You have never heard of it?
  Yes, it's one of our most famous landmarks.
  It's in the brochure so it must be.

2. Excuse me, where's the post office?
  It's right in front of you. Look around.
  Can't you see it? There, next to the bank.
  It's right there - next to the bank.

3. Can you recommend a good cheap hotel?
  No I can't. That's because good hotels are not cheap.
  Many of the cheaper hotels in this neighborhood are really run down.
  Are you looking for a bad experience?

4. Do you have a discount for seniors ( = older people)?
  No, we don't offer discounts.
  No, we don't. It doesn't matter if you're old or not.
  We most definitely do not.

5. Can I bring my dog on the bus?
  No, you're not allowed to do that.
  Are you serious?
  No, of course you can't.

6. Is this neighborhood dangerous?
  Don't worry - you won't get killed.
  I live in this neighborhood!
  No, it's quite safe.

7. Do you have free maps?
  No, but we sell maps. They're 2 €.
  You can't have it for free. We sell them for 2 €.
  We can't give it to you. You have to buy it.

8. So, the last bus to the airport leaves at 11:00 PM?
  Yes, that's right.
  Yes, that's what I said.
  Once again, yes.

9. Do I have to pay to go in?
  No. Just go.
  No, it's free.
  No, obviously not.

10. Where does the tour start?
  I was about to tell you in a second.
  Do you know where the National Museum is? Well, then you know where the tour starts.
  It starts in front of the National Museum.


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tips and tricks about customer service - for esl students

Reacting to difficult customers. Working in the hospitality industry is all about being professional. If a customer is being unreasonable, or difficult, try not to take it personally - don't react emotionally. Instead, try to resolve the situation by being professional and polite. Most situations can be resolved politely, and if they can't, politely ask the person to leave :)

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