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topic: The proper way to talk to travelers/passengers in English 4

Part of providing good customer service is knowing the right way to communicate. English has its own "accepted" ways of talking to customers/clients/guests. If you don't use these, or if you use them incorrectly, you might come across ( = be seen) as rude or unprofessional. In the exercise below, pretend that someone is asking you the question in italics. Choose the best, most polite response:

1. You told me the peanuts were free!
  There must have been a misunderstanding. The peanuts are 1 €.
  You misheard me, sir.
  No I didn't. I would never say that.

2. I'm not sure. Can I get back to you tomorrow?
  Sure, whatever you say.
  Yes, that's fine.
  If you say so.

3. Why is this flight always late?
  I really don't know, sir.
  Sir, how should I know?
  Sir, I understand that you feel anger, but your anger is misguided.

4. Apart from the Old Town, is there anything worth checking out here?
  Yes. Take this and read it.
  Yes, here's a brochure with all the important sights.

5. Am I doing this correctly? It doesn't seem to work!
  Oh no, you're doing it totally wrong.
  Oh no, that is completely wrong!
  Oh, I see what the problem is.

6. This is where Chopin was born? I thought he was born in France.
  Sorry, but you're wrong.
  No, he was born here. I wouldn't lie to you.
  Yes, that's a common misconception.

7. Where are all the designer shops?
  They're on Via Montenapoleone.
  They're on Via Montenapoleone, but you have to be rich to shop here.
  They're on Via Montenapoleone, but they're really expensive.

8. This section of the city was rebuilt after the war?
  Yes, read your pamphlet.
  Yes, that's right.
  Yes. What else do you want to know?

9. Can you recommend a hotel that is close to all the main sights?
  Do you want to pay a lot or do you want a cheap place?
  Do you want to spend a lot of money or a little money.
  What price range did you have in mind?

10. How long has this tour operator been in business? Are they trustworthy?
  They've been around for 10 years. They're a very reputable company.
  10 years. They're very successful.
  10 years. Are you worried?


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tips and tricks about customer service - for esl students

Doing someone a favor? Sometimes you have to go out of your way ( = try really hard) to help a customer. However, if you do someone a favor, go beyond what is required, etc., don't make a big deal about it. You can let the person know that you're doing them a favor in a polite way by saying things like "This isn't really allowed, but I can do this for you..." but never "I'm doing you a big favor..." or "I hope you realize that I'm breaking the rules..." These types of responses would make the person feel uncomfortable (or create the impression that you're looking for a bribe :)

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