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topic: Practice conversations (VESL - vocational ESL) 1

Practice English with us! This exercise is designed for travel agents who want to improve their communication with their clients. It will help you speak to your customers regarding booking hotels and flights, arranging tours, etc:
LEVEL: Easy/Medium

1. Will I be able to make changes to my ticket later?
  Would you like to make some changes now?
  No, unfortunately changes are not permitted with this ticket.
  Your ticket is ready.

2. Is this considered a good hotel?
  When you decide, please let me know.
  For how many nights?
  Yes, it's one of the best in Paris.

3. How much is your cheapest flight to Singapore?
  We can book you a flight to Singapore.
  I'll have to check. Leave me your name and phone number and I'll get back to you with a quote.
  It's possible to find a cheap flight to Singapore.

4. What's the baggage allowance?
  25 kg (kilograms) per person
  You will have to check your bags when you get to the airport.
  It's not too expensive.

5. I'm looking for a package deal. Do you have any that include food and drinks?
  Yes, most of our package deals are all-inclusive.
  Yes, all our packages include air and hotel.
  Air and hotel are included in all our packages. We also have some packages that include meals.

6. Is this a child-friendly destination.
  Children under 12 can stay free-of-charge at the hotel.
  Everyone is very friendly there.
  Yes, it's a great destination for the whole family.

7. What are this hotel's amenities?
  They've got a great restaurant, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and more.
  The rooms are very nice.
  How many nights will you be staying?

8. Can I get there by train?
  There's no train service to that town, but I can book you a bus ticket.
  There is no train station there.
  No train. Bus.

9. Why do I have to fill out this form?
  Yes, please fill out the form.
  It's for security purposes. The government requires every traveler to fill one out.
  It's a form that you have to fill out. Let me know when you're finished.

10. How many meals are included as part of the package?
  Meals are included as part of the package tour.
  Drinks are not included in the price.
  Only breakfast is included.


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