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topic: Practice conversations (VESL - vocational ESL) 2

Practice English with us! This exercise is designed for travel agents who want to improve their communication with their clients. It will help you speak to your customers regarding booking hotels and flights, arranging tours, etc:
LEVEL: Medium/Hard

1. Will I be able to go into the city while I'm waiting for my connecting flight?
  No, you won't have enough time.
  The airport is not too far from the city.
  You will make you connecting flight.

2. What are the visa requirements for American citizens.
  You will need your passport.
  You don't need a visa. Just your passport.
  We accept all major credit cards.

3. Can you specify that I would like a room overlooking the ocean?
  For how many people?
  Many of the rooms overlook the ocean. What did you have in mind?
  I'll try, but all of those rooms might already be booked.

4. Which airline are we flying?
  Singapore Airlines.
  Boeing 767.
  Singapore International Airport.

5. How are we going to get from the airport to the hotel?
  It's about 30 kilometers.
  The hotel is in the city. It's about 30 kilometers away.
  The hotel will have a shuttle bus waiting for you upon arrival.

6. What's "Agritourism"?
  It's related to farms.
  It's a term that refers to traveling and staying in rustic places, like on a farm, etc., and sometimes helping the local farmers.
  Farm workers get involved in the tourist industry. They will help you find a hotel.

7. How hot is it going to be there?
  The average temperature in July is about 35 degrees c.
  Yes, it is.
  Last year's temperatures were a departure from the norm.

8. Who are these tours organized by?
  I will make all the arrangements for you.
  A local company called "Costa Rica Vacations".
  It's part of the tourism industry.

9. We just want to make sure that the rooms will be clean.
  Yes, the rooms are cleaned.
  From what other travelers have told me, the rooms are very clean.
  It's too far from the city, so it's a little inconvenient.

10. We want to be close to all the attractions.
  Many the attractions are in the center of the city.
  The city has a great public transportation system.
  Then I recommend that we book a central hotel, even though it might be a little more expensive.


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