hospitality industry english exercises


Pick a category
 Food & Beverage (restaurants, cafes, bars, catering, etc.)
 Hotel Industry (hotels, resorts, spas, etc.)
 Travel/Tourism (travel agents, tour guides, flight attendants, etc.)
 Politeness Training (the right way to speak to customers/guests in English)


VOCABULARY PRACTICE (Choose the right word)
topic: Talking to tourists in English 2

Fill in each blank with the correct word. If both words can be used, choose the one that sounds more natural in each situation:

1. We hope you enjoy your (stay/rest) in Tokyo.

2. This whole section was beautifully (new/renovated) in the 1970s.

3. That's the (bohemian/art) part of town. ( = the part of a city where artists, musicians, etc. live)

4. It would be cheaper for you to buy a three-day (pass/ticket) instead of individual tickets.

5. The (admission/admitting) ( = entrance) fee is $10.

6. Although the city looks very modern, it was actually (founded/started) in 1725.

7. Disneyland is an example of an amusement (park/place).

8. Disneyland has a lot of fun (rides/machines).

9. The royal palace is very far from here. It on the (next/other) side of the city.

10. Rome has some very beautiful (fountains/foundations). ( = structures from which a jet/stream of water rises)

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