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topic: Talking to customers (Questions and answers) 1

This exercise will help you learn and practice essential English vocabulary/phrases used by wait staff (waiters/waitresses), bartenders, and others working in a bar, nightclub, etc. Choose the best response for each question:
LEVEL: Medium

1. Can we run a tab?
  Sure, I'll start one for you.
  That'll be $5, please.
  No, we don't have one.

2. What kind of beer do you have on tap?
  Guinness and Kilkenny.
  Bottled beer or draught beer?
  We're all out of bottled beer.

3. When's last call?
  Yes, you can use our phone.
  We open at 11:00 AM.
  We don't close until the last customer leaves.

4. You got any appetizers/snacks?
  Our special today is Chicken Florentine.
  We've got chips, fries, and peanuts.
  We have Guinness and Budweiser on tap.

5. A _____________________ is something you put under your drink so that the table doesn't get wet.
  round thing

6. I'll have another one!
  I'm sorry, sir, but I can't serve you since you're already inebriated. ( = polite/formal way of saying "drunk")
  Drunk. No more.
  Yes, there's another bar across the street.

7. Can I smoke at the bar?
  No, you're not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the club.
  Thanks, but I don't smoke.
  Sure, thanks.

8. Can I get another round?
  What would you like?
  Yes, we'll move you to another table right away.
  Sure. That was two Coronas and a glass of red wine, right?

9. Can I pay with my bank card?
  Would you like to pay cash?
  I already gave you your bill/check.
  Normally you can, but today our machine is broken.

10. You mean I can't order/have a beer?
  No, we're not allowed to sell alcohol before 12:00 PM.
  Last call!
  We have Becks and Carlsberg on tap.


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