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topic: Talking to customers (Questions and answers) 2

This exercise will help you learn and practice essential English vocabulary/phrases used by wait staff (waiters/waitresses), bartenders, and others working in a bar, nightclub, etc. Choose the best response for each question:
LEVEL: Medium/Hard

1. What are your drink specials today?
  We've got Mojitos for � 5.
  I can make all kinds of special drinks.
  Yup, we've got have drink specials.

2. Can we get the bill?
  Would you like to pay?
  Can I put you all on one bill, or would you like separate bills?
  I'm sorry, but we only accept cash.

3. Why didn't the doorman let me in?
  The doorman is in charge of selecting who can come in to the club and who can't.
  What happened to the doorman?
  We have a very strict dress code. No tennis shoes allowed.

4. Is there a cover?
  Yes, it's � 10 per person.
  There's a covered patio in the back.
  You have to pay to get in to the club.

5. Are there any other bars around here that still serve food at this hour?
  We serve food until 11:00 PM. Right now our kitchen is closed.
  Yes, there are many other bars in this neighborhood.
  Yes, there's one just down the street.

6. Do you serve pitchers of beer?
  You'd have to check the snack menu.
  No, we only sell beer by the glass/mug.
  Yes, there's another bar across the street.

7. Does the bartender make good drinks?
  Yes, she does. She's one of the best bartenders in the city.
  No, you have to place your drink order with me.
  Thank you. I'll let her know you like them.

8. You're a *$!* idiot!/ I'm not drunk, give me another *$!* drink!
  Go now!
  Sir, you have to leave, or I'll call the police.

9. Why is the bar closing so early?
  We're closing.
  We usually close early on Sundays.
  Thanks - Here is your bill.

10. Is that guy a regular?
  Yes, he's an average guy.
  He always drinks beer.
  Yes, he comes in every Thursday.


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