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 Food & Beverage (restaurants, cafes, bars, catering, etc.)
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 Politeness Training (the right way to speak to customers/guests in English)


VOCABULARY PRACTICE (Choose the right word)
topic: Talking about specific travel destinations 2

Fill in each blank with the correct word. If both words can be used, choose the one that sounds more natural in each situation:

1. NEW YORK CITY's (skyline/sky) is amazing. ( = incredible, breathtaking, etc.)

2. MONTREAL is the biggest French- (speaking/talking) city outside of Europe.

3. The winters in BARCELONA are very (mild/medium).

4. DUBAI is a (comparative/relatively) new travel destination, but it has many excellent amenities.

5. The beaches of RIO DE JANEIRO are world- (known/famous).

6. LAS VEGAS offers travelers many world- (level/class) attractions.

7. Many of SEOUL's palaces are of great than five palaces that are of great historical (important/importance).

8. TORONTO is a (multicultural/multinational) city. Many people from many different countries live there.

9. When visiting CAPE TOWN, make sure to check out the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, with its (color/colorful) buildings.

10. It (lasts/takes) over 20 hours to fly to MELBOURNE or SYDNEY from Europe.

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